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Canada Post Distribution

Mail almost anything from flyers to samples using Canada Post Distribution.

Make your customers feel valued with a unique personalized direct mail piece they are more enticed to open. Connecting one-on-one with your target customers builds loyalty, promotes retention, and encourages cross-selling initiatives.

Why is it smart to have Canada Post Distribution?
Direct mail gives you a motivation response of 20% higher.
Direct mail promotes brand recall of 70% higher.

Canada Post Flyers

Market your business through Canada Post Flyers. Passers-by irresistibly get information at a glance when they see your posters on any vertical surfaces. Poster flyers with great graphics promote businesses, events, discounts, etc.

Flyer Distribution

Nothing drives advertisements off the road than flyer distribution. Flyers distribution remains effective among the best strategies for offline advertising. With proper planning, a productive distribution method, and the right flyer material, flyer distribution will surely work for your business.


Flyer advertising is still alive and kicking in this digital era. Quick access to information, low marketing costs, and massive reach are just a few of the major advantages of using flyers. This cost-effective tool still surely grabs customers’ attention and increases your sales.

Flyers Mail Out

Get strategic with flyers mailed out. Delivering flyers to specifically targeted neighborhoods allows your potential buyers and consumers to know that your business is up and running. Strategically reach a neighborhood even the entire Canada by sending your business flyers to every mailbox.

Flyers with Canada Post

Make an impact on consumers using flyers with Canada Post. Directly mailed flyers go straight to your consumers' homes where they make important decisions - and where you could influence their buying options. Flyers with Canada Post would reach addresses in Canada which include homes, condos, community mailboxes, etc.

London Flyer Distribution

London Flyer Distribution massively extends your market reach. Flyers distribution is still one of the best strategies for offline advertising. This productive distribution method will surely create reasons and encourage buying desires among consumers.

Windsor Flyer Distribution

Windsor Flyer Distribution never gets old. We help you plan your campaign today and get your message wonderfully spread in Windsor.

Marketing Flyers

You can produce big results on a small budget with marketing flyers. Flyers bring in customers and drive conversions. Flyer marketing campaigns appeal to varied demographics in your target market.

Client Reviews Our Happy Customers

Don’t waste another day. Let’s get your flyers, postcards or ads sent out today! We’ll help you create sublime designs and distribute them in no time. Contact us and get a quotation for your project.

Camille Thibodeau
Camille Thibodeau

I always look forward to receiving my Serious Flyers book in the mail. The coupons have great discounts for everyone in my family to use. Pls don't stop sending me the books. I need my coupons lol

Chil Froyo
Chil Froyo

We have been using this type of marketing since we opened in 2012. For a small restaurant, no other publication beats the amount of coupons that get redeemed! Serious Flyers has the best quality of book out there!

Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu

Have been doing marketing for over 20 years. This is one of the best products I have used for conversions. You just can't beat the quality and the amount of books that go out!! Thanks Serious Flyers for your hard work!

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